Company profile
Hongshi Intelligence is a leading integrated optical device manufacturer and optical imaging system solution provider which focus on Mid-to-High End camera module market.
We are one of the first few manufacturers in the industry to use COB (Chip on Board) packing technology in China. We can supply customized products to satisfy our customers’ various needs.
Based on strong capabilities in R&D and manufacturing, the company can offer a full suite of ultra-thin camera modules with resolution ranging from 8 mega pixels to 20 mega pixels. We are one of the few manufacturers which can mass produce dual camera modules in China currently.
As the sole strategic partner with ArcSoft in China mainland, we provide “One-Stop” solution of hardware + algorithm to our customer in lower cost and shorter development cycle.
We will strength our competitiveness in high-end CCM and dual camera module market. We plan to attract talents joining us for further strengthen R&D, expand products offerings, increase production capacities. We offer customer services better and better.

Company culture

  • With the person this
  • Fine management
  • Safety first
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Green environmental
  • harmonious development
  • Continue to improve
  • Sustainable

Strategic partners

Rainbow soft company is a leading global computational photography technology pioneer and solutions provider, the double perturbation algorithm at present in the world in the first position, especially in many domestic famous brand flagship models are applied, such as MI, VIVO, OPPO, hammer, cool, and so on. HongShi as rainbow soft areas in mainland China the only strategic partner, for the high order products, to provide one-stop solution for hardware + algorithm, so that we can reduce development costs and shorten the development cycle for the customer.

Staff presence